Food & Drinks

Terrace in Corda

Open Tuesday - Saturday

9:30am - 4:30pm

Find us On "The Old road" from Porto Novo to Ribeira grande  


Our Specialties

Cachupa, cooked over an open fire with eggs from our own chickens and traditional linguiça from Santo Antão.


Vegan Cookies

Dutch Ponche, made by Johan with local grogue and eggs from our own chickens. In Holland, we call this Advocaat.

Our famous Dutch Apple Pie, made from apples grown right here in Corda, Santo Antão.

We proudly serve numerous varieties of grogue and ponche, the traditional Cape Verde spirits we purchase from a local family and infuse with flavors right here in house. Order a single glass or a tasting of a few!

Orange Grogue

One of our desserts – Pèpè Sábió.
Pèpè is our wise neighbour of 85 years old. He really loves the Old Grogue and the Old Goatcheese we dry ourselves. Because of that, we ended up making a nice dessert for him.
Pèpè is the sweet name we use for him here in our little community Raizes in Corda, and ‘Sábió means ‘wise’, because Pèpè Atanasio is!

Our homemade bread, served with tapas, bruchetta, or sandwiches with goat cheese.

You can choose a plate of the day, cooked on our wood fire – this one is Canja.

Dutch Coconut Cookies

Our dessert tasting plate – perfect for sharing or for when you just need to have it all!

Pure Bissap. We also make a virgin Bissap cocktail!

You can make reservations for breakfast!

Our Spaghetti

We serve juice that is produced by a local Corda family. Depending on the season, we serve local apple, guava, quince, or peach juice.

We roast our own local coffee beans over a wood fire, and are famous for our amazing coffee beverages. Stop in and enjoy one of our specialties!

Questions about our rental home or our restaurant? 

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