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Meet Bento, Johan, & Hannie

Your hosts, Johan, Hannie, and Bento, are from Dordrecht, Holland, and moved here to Cape Verde in 2017. Bento was adopted as an infant from Colombia (along with his two sisters) and “must have been born in a kitchen,” according to Hannie, because cooking has been his passion since he was a small child.

In their previous lives in Holland, Johan owned a cleaning business and Hannie worked in the fashion industry, but they  have shared a passion and calling to live in Cape Verde for many years.

Bento is a skilled baker and enjoys incorporating new methods (like cooking over an open wood fire) into his repertoire.

Johan is the resident bread expert and also has become very proficient in making grogue, a rum-like spirit, and ponche, a liqueur made from sugar cane, both native to Cape Verde.

Hannie creates beauty and warmth here at Cozinha de Bento, Not only does she make gorgeous desserts and savory dishes, but she also makes it her mission to see that every guest feels welcomed, appreciated, and enveloped in the cheerful atmosphere she has designed.

Johan, Hannie, and Bento live right here in Corda and also manage a rental house close to the shore.

Hannie and Johan



Fofa and Branca

Georgina – Our neighbor, coworker, and friend

Georgina has been a friend to Hannie, Johan, and Bento since they first visited Cape Verde many years ago. She lends her experience and expertise to the Cozinha de Bento team, teaching them traditional island cooking methods and adding local flavor to the dishes. Georgina has four children, five grandchildren and is a joy to work with!

Terrace in Corda

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